De past continuous gebruik je voor gebeurtenissen die plaats hebben gevonden in het verleden, en nog steeds bezig is.
Positieve formulering: vorm van ‘to be’+ tegenwoordige tijd.
I was reading that book yesterday evening.
Negatieve formulering: WAS/WERE + not + present participle
 I was not reading that book.
Vraagstelling: use WAS/WERE + present participle
Were you reading that book?.
4 Maak de volgende zinnen af. Zet de woorden tussen haakjes in de past simple of de past continuous
1 My grandparents ……(watch) TV when somebody ……..(knock) on the door.
2 I ……(do) my homework when my girl-friend …… (phone) me and ……(ask) me if I come over to help her with her computer
3 It all ……(happen) very suddenly. Mark and I ….. (work) in the garage when I ….. (hear) a loud bang. It was Max, our dog. He ….. (try) to play with our neighbour’s cat, which …….(run) away as soon as it ….. (see) Max.
5 Maak de volgende zinnen af. Zet de woorden tussen haakjes in de past simple of de present perfect.
1 I ……. (work) on the project since 12 o’clock.
2 Neil Armstrong ……. (walk) on the moon in 1969.
3 Sam and I…..go) to the Science Museum yesterday.
4 I …..(post) your letter this morning.
5 My sister (marry) three years ago.
6 R.K. Rowling ……. (write) another Harry Potter book.
7 We have …… (know) each other for 18 months and are still good friends.
1 were watching – knocked
2 was doing – phoned – asked
3 happened – were working – heard – was trying – ran – saw
1 have worked
2 walked
3 went
4 posted
5 married
6 has written
7 have known

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